A rivermouth Steller’s

Steller’s Sea Eagle

Some distance north of Yakumo there is another good birding spot where there are normally a few eagles in winter. Usually 1 Steller’s and several White-taileds. These are probably more ‘generalist’ feeders that at Yakumo and are not so tied to a single food source. Hardly any at Yakumo now due to the lack of salmon this year.

A couple of days ago there were at least adult 3 Steller’s there. Were 1 or 2 of these refugees from Yakumo?

Steller’s Sea Eagle

8 thoughts on “A rivermouth Steller’s

  1. Good to learn you had great views and photo ops of the Eagles again this year in spite of the low numbers. No Eagles yet in the London area (apart from reported high-flying White-tailed from the Isle of Wight reintroduction scheme) but we did have good views of a Marsh Harrier at RSPB Rainham (E of London just inside the M25 last week)

  2. No is the simple answer. I keep a local ‘Ally Pally’ patch list (along with a very active Whats App group), then Redhill (where I have a flat) plus UK list, plus Western Palearctic and finally Japan – all on Excel spreadsheets!

  3. For local ‘Ally Pally’ pitch there are excellent records going back many years – and more recently, since lockdown, many more birders contributing. I noted 85 species in 2021 compared to 110 spotted in total – still waiting for detail on quite how I managed to dip out on 25. Birds!!! My personal patch total crept above 100 (last year added Redshank, Oystercatcher, Med Gull, Pintail, Wigeon) versus overall total of @160 – which includes a Puffin in 1958!

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