Some baby Ospreys


Not great photos but an interesting scene. These 3 baby Ospreys must have been born very very recently. With the harsh light, strong wind and heat haze it’s almost impossible to get sharp clear shots.


Several pairs of Black-tailed Gull nest on the same rock and things went crazy when a Peregrine swooped in and grabbed a nestling. With my 2X T/C on and everything on a tripod it all happened too quickly to get any photos.


An actual rarity

Richard’s Pipit

A crappy heavily cropped pic but a lifer: a Richard’s Pipit today. A rare passage visitor to Hokkaido and a very nice find. Shame I couldn’t get close as it was so jumpy.

I got up late and was out in the harsh midday sun so terrible light for photos. Apart from the above pipit not much else around anyway…

Siberian Meadow Bunting

Golden Week 2022 #5

Temminck’s Stint

A crappy record shot but only my 3rd ever sighting of Temminck’s Stint (and my first in breeding plumage). There were 2 of them at Yakumo. Other passage waders around the last couple of days included Wood Sandpiper, Red-necked Stint, Pacific Golden Plover and Whimbrel.

At the same place as the stints were a fishing osprey and a calling Wryneck…