Great Egret

A common sight at this time of year is Great Egrets snaffling tiny fish in the local park…

Very springlike mild weather. Oriental Greenfinch and Eastern Great Tit singing everywhere, lots of Dusky Thrush hopping around. In Kamiiso a couple of days ago I had my first Osprey of the year as well 000’s of Common Gull, 3 species of grebe and various passage duck including Smew and Gadwall.

Some more EF 400 f/5.6L shots

Black Scoter

The light lens day continued…

Black Scoter
Black Scoter

So surprise surprise neither the RF 600 f/11 or the EF 400 f/5.6L are as good as the EF 500 f/4L but on days like yesterday sometimes it’s great to not worry about heavy lenses and dodgy shoulders.

Actually I used the big lens this afternoon and the camera/lens started shuddering and making loud noises and an error message appeared in the viewfinder. Hopefully just a case of cleaning the contacts….

A sunny Sunday with the RF 600 f/11

Black-necked Grebe

Some more shots from the Canon RF 600 f/11.

Struggling a bit with it: the slowish AF and high ISO are a pixel peeper’s nightmare. Small low resolution shots like this are not so bad.

Long-tailed Duck

BIFs are hard, at least they’re hard for me.

A soft but interesting enough shot.

Long-tailed Duck

A lot of noise reduction and sharpening going on here. Again, at such low resolution and when looked at on a phone they are passable.

Long-tailed Duck