It’s over

Black-crowned Night Heron

The hot summer is over. It’s still pretty warm but the hottest ever summer in Japan is fading away…

The above Night Heron was on the river near my place as well as Asian Brown Flycatcher, Bull-headed Shrike, Eurasian Nuthatch, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Common Kingfisher and various ‘unknowns’ flitting around in the still luxuriant undergrowth.

August ends

Mongolian Plover

Wow that was a hot one. And it looks set to continue into September.

Yesterday was bearable in Yakumo; a bit of a cool breeze and under 30 at least. Lots of waders around including Great Knot and Long-toed Stint but not much posong for photos.

Mongolian Plover

2 Common Terns flew past at Yakumo. I don’t see many terns in Hokkaido so this was a nice surprise.

Common Tern

Another dark windy Monday

Eurasian Kestrel

Hakodate had its hottest every day last week but amazingly we had another cool Monday (the high temps will return later this week…again).

The above Kestrel at Yakumo was a nice find; not a bird I often see in Hokkaido.

The storms were pushing the waves right up the beaches so it was tricky to find waders; only 3 species around today. And terrible conditions once again for photos.

Kentish Plover
Eastern Curlew