Golden Week 2023 #1

Japanese Thrush

A very early rise and we were in one of the local parks…and in anticipation of some nice birds I took my big lens.

Nice to find some thrushes that weren’t Duskys.

Brown-headed Thrush
Pale Thrush

Not a vintage morning for photos it must be said but a few nice birds around: Wryneck, Hawfinch, Japanese Grosbeak, Oriental Cuckoo, Latham’s Snipe, Russet Sparrow, Grey-headed Woodpecker…

What else will the next few days bring?

A dark pool

Japanese Thrush

We sopped by a well-known forest pool a couple of times recently. Unfortunately we were there in the morning both times when the light is awful.

Still a good place to see some of the shyer forest birds like Japanese Thrush, Grey Bunting and Siberian Blue Robin though…………

Eastern Crowned Warblers were particularly common.

Eastern Crowned Warbler
Eastern Crowned Warbler