A dark Monday in town

Common Redpoll

I took a long walk today. Very dark and overcast but there were a few birds in town: a small flock of Redpoll, 50 or so Crossbills, a lone Brambling, an injured Whooper Swan, lots of Dusky Thrush, a single Great Egret and 3 Goldeneye.

Hakodate City have been chopping down more trees next to the river. Looking very grim near my apartment now. Once again they chopped down the trees but didn’t bother picking up the garbage.

Some flocks

White-fronted Goose

The big goose flock was still near Onuma yesterday.

I wanted to get some Cackling Goose pics (there are a few in among all the White-fronted Geese). You can see a couple resting here (the ones with the black heads and white cheeks).

White-fronted and Cackling Goose

They weren’t the only flocks around that location. Lots of swans of course but also this group of 100 or so Common Redpoll.

Common Redpoll