A classic old lens


Someone has very kindly lent me his old 400 f5.6 lens and I tried it out at the weekend. I’d always wondered about this ‘classic’ old birding lens.

6 species of waders near Yakumo but the 400 wasn’t quite long enough for any decent shots.


But in this hot weather it was a relief not to be carrying one of the big whites.

And this Osprey was close enough at least……………


The quietest of quietest months


July is always a quiet month in south Hokkaido and for various reasons July 2021 has been even quieter than usual.

It’s been really really hot too. Last Sunday it was foggy in the morning which provided temporary relief. Not great for photos but juvenile Ospreys were practicing fishing and the first of the ‘autumn’ waders were passing through.

Sanderling, Red-necked Stint