A hot Sunday afternoon

Stejneger’s Scoter

A hot sunny afternoon: terrible light for photos. Quite a few nice birds around: the above scruffy Stejneger’s Scoter was a surprise. This Marsh Sandpiper was on one of the beaches with some stints…

Marsh Sandpiper

Other stuff around included flocks of White-throated Needletail and Pacific Swift, Osprey, Peregrine, several Great Egret…

But as I said the light was not helpful.

Red-necked Stint

Golden Week 2021 #8

Black Scoter

Most of the seaducks have left the ports and are either offshore or gone back north. There were a few Black Scoters close inshore and a few Stejneger’s always just out of camera range.

Stejneger’s Scoter
American Wigeon

Most interesting duck was the above American Wigeon (in terrible light) and a flock of Falcated Duck (also out of camera range).

The other black one

Stejneger’s Scoter

Black Scoter are common visitors to the various ports near Yakumo and they were abundant at the weekend, their eerie calls everywhere.

Stejneger’s Scoter were also very common but were always tantalizingly out of camera range. For some reason they never seem to visit the ports.

As I trudged back to the car I noticed one in among the Scaup.

Stejneger’s Scoter

A second year male I think, maybe injured or sick?

Stejneger’s Scoter

Stejneger’s Scoter

Stejneger’s Scoter

Offshore at Oshamanbe, and several other places, there are rafts of this species in winter and spring. Stenjeger’s Scoter, a split from the White-winged Scoter in America and Velvet Scoter in Europe.

Stejneger’s Scoter

Usually they are well offshore and never approach the ports but there were some of them right by the sea wall in the port at Oshamanbe on Sunday.

Stejneger’s Scoter

Whilst these photos are nothing special, they are easily the best I’ve managed of this species.

Other stuff around included Black-throated Diver, Falcated Duck, Red-necked and Great-crested Grebes (the latter coming into summer plumage), Glaucous and Glaucous-winged Gulls and the usual common stuff. Except small birds of course.

There were also some dolphins (or porpoises) at the edge of the port: must have been a lot of fish around.