Midsummer Road Trip 2023 #5


We planned to go back to the Brown Shrike location at sunrise the next day to get better lighting…

But it was foggy and we were tired after the first night in the car so we slept in at the hotel. By the time we got to the spot the harsh bright sunshine had returned.

There was pair of Wryneck at least.

Shame about the lighting. Very soft images.


Golden Week 2022 #5

Temminck’s Stint

A crappy record shot but only my 3rd ever sighting of Temminck’s Stint (and my first in breeding plumage). There were 2 of them at Yakumo. Other passage waders around the last couple of days included Wood Sandpiper, Red-necked Stint, Pacific Golden Plover and Whimbrel.

At the same place as the stints were a fishing osprey and a calling Wryneck…


Fizzled Out

Bull-headed Shrike

Yesterday was a grey misty Sunday. The spring migration season has just about fizzled out: a bit of a quiet one this year.

Some muted birds on a somewhat muted day.

Latham’s Snipe

Other stuff around included Cattle Egret, Green Sandpiper, lots of Grey-tailed Tattlers, a small flock of Falcated Duck, Eastern Marsh Harrier and newly arrived Black-browed Reed Warblers.