A quiet week in mid to late April

A very quiet week…a few common birds only around town; just 1 Common Crossbill, Japanese Bush Warbler, Masked Bunting, Asian House Martin, Bull-headed Shrike and a few Coal Tits.

In Yakumo today there were a few waders; Kentish Plover, Common Snipe, Pacific Golden Plover and this lone Red-necked Stint being the most noteworthy.

Also around were the Greater White-fronted Geese flock, various common ducks, lots of Stonechat and my first Chestnut-cheeked Starling of the year.


Steller’s Sea Eagle

The eagles are back at Yakumo. This one (I think it’s the same one) always occupies the same spot on the river and it’s difficult to get a clear shot of it as it’s usually obscured by twigs. Hence the nickname ‘Twiggy’.

There seemed to be about 20-30 eagles of both species but for the third winter running salmon numbers are very low. As this is their main food supply I don’t think they’ll stick around for long. This juvenile Steller’s was pitifully thin…

Steller’s Sea Eagle

Twiggy did take a dump though; this photo is post-dump pose. Twiggy has eaten something recently at least.

Steller’s Sea Eagle

Other interesting stuff around included Whooper Swan, Crested Kingfisher and Stejneger’s Scoter.