A hot Sunday afternoon

Stejneger’s Scoter

A hot sunny afternoon: terrible light for photos. Quite a few nice birds around: the above scruffy Stejneger’s Scoter was a surprise. This Marsh Sandpiper was on one of the beaches with some stints…

Marsh Sandpiper

Other stuff around included flocks of White-throated Needletail and Pacific Swift, Osprey, Peregrine, several Great Egret…

But as I said the light was not helpful.

Red-necked Stint

2 thoughts on “A hot Sunday afternoon

  1. Too strong light is indeed bad for photo-taking, but to see Stejneger’s Scoter, Marsh Sandpiper, and Red-necked Stint must be mind-refreshing! Here I could only find water birds like Common Snipe and Common Sandpiper near a local river in spring. By the way, it’s hot but cicada is wonderful!

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