North Hokkaido 2019 #3

Chestnut-eared Bunting

On the other side of Mombetsu are 2 lakes: Komuke and Shibunotsunai. The former held 5 Japanese Crane and the latter had about 100 Greater Scaup. The narrow strips of land between these 2 lakes and the sea is very good for birding. White-tailed Eagle, Hobby, Japanese Green Pigeon, Eastern Marsh Harrier and many passerine species were present.

The above Chestnut-eared Bunting was there and was the only one seen on the trip: they seem far less numerous than down near Hakodate.

East Hokkaido 2019 #10

White-tailed Eagle

We headed up to Shiretoko to try for Pine Grosbeaks at the top of the pass there. The weather was pretty nasty on the way…….here are 2 oft seen roadside birds on the way up there……….

Latham’s Snipe

And on the way north we came across some White-throated Needletails………..

White-throated Needletail