Geese in the rain #3

Snow Goose

Even if the weather was lousy and poor for photography it was still great watching the Snow Geese which were very active……………..

Snow Goose

There were several hundred of them: this species breeds on Wrangel Island and that is where most (or all) these birds originate from. The Obihiro area in Hokkaido is a well-known staging post for them. Some will fly south to Honshu and some to Korea for the winter……………

Snow Goose

4 thoughts on “Geese in the rain #3

  1. Excellent series of Geese shots. At least we are seeing small numbers of the more unusual Egyptian and Greylag Geese amongst the regular Canadas on our local N. London patch….still actively viz migging early hours though with the highlight (for me) recently a Rook!

  2. High Stuart, or perhaps just ‘VisMig’’ short for ‘Visual Migration’ and I think used quite widely now by Brit birders….today’s flyovers included Chaffinch, Siskin, Redwing, Redpoll, Meadow Pipit, Linnet, Starling – all in small numbers…

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