A quiet week before the main event

Blue Rock Thrush

We were in Esashi yesterday; pretty windy but a bit quiet birdwise. Some passage Red-flanked Bluetails, Brambling, Rustic Bunting and Daurian Redstart but nothing rare. Other stuff included Peregrine and lots of Ospreys.

In town last week there were lots of Dusky Thrush, more Bluetails, a lone Hawfinch, a surprise flushed Eurasian Woodcock, several Stejneger’s Stonechat and some singing Masked Bunting.

I didn’t have the big lens with me yesterday; these Blue Rock Thrush pics with the RF 600 f/11 just about survived the cull.

Blue Rock Thrush

The peak spring migration season, the main event in the birding year for me, is just about on us. I have a dodgy right shoulder and a painful left calf but I also have a lot of days off so it’ll be no pain no gain I guess.

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