Autumn here

Black-legged Kittiwake

The resident Slaty-backed and Black-tailed Gulls have been joined by some others. Lots of Vega Gulls last weekend as well as these 2.

Glaucous Gull

There were also Whooper and Bewick’s Swans, various ducks, lots of Great Egret and this lone wader.

Spotted Redshank

Upstream there were a few salmon (but not many: hope this just means they’re late) and the first eagle of the season. Crappy pic but always nice to see the first one.

White-tailed Eagle

4 thoughts on “Autumn here

  1. Because of the black edge of its tail, the White-tailed Eagle might be juvenile, and it looked energetic. The noteworthy visiting birds here are Blue-flanked and Narcissus Flycatchers, wintering and passage ones respectively. It’s late autumn, and surprisingly a resident bird Zitting Cisticola is still feeding young ones.

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