2022 Summer Road Trip #16

Brunnich’s Guillemot

We did the Ochiishi boat trip. It was pretty foggy but we saw plenty of birds. This Brunnich’s Guillemot posed nicely close to the boat.

Brunnich’s Guillemot

The commonest alcids were Rhinoceros Auklets and Spectacled Guillemots and we also saw Ancient Murrelet, Northern Fulmar, Red-necked Pharalope and Sooty (or Short-tailed?) Shearwater.

I was hoping to get a shot of a Tufted Puffin. I’d seen one on this trip before but couldn’t get a photo. We didn’t see any this time but we did manage to see this Horned Puffin. Crappest of crappy pics but a lifer…

Horned Puffin

2 thoughts on “2022 Summer Road Trip #16

  1. Glad you had an exciting trip to North Hokkaido – somewhere I want to get to one day. Brunnich’s was a new lifer for me in Norfolk last year blown in by storms but sadly succumbed later in the day. Horned Puffin a special bird along with the Red-faced Cormorant. Any good Butterflies and Dragonflies up there?! Swallowtails in flight around Hakodate I hear…

    1. Didn’t really notice butterflies although I’m sure some were around.

      Hope you can make it to Hokkaido again, not looking possible in 2022 sadly.

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