A Redstart

Daurian Redstart

I took a long walk this morning. Quite a few birds around: 6 species of duck including Goosander and Goldeneye, a flyover Goshawk, 1 or 2 Great Egret and this male Daurian Redstart.

I was using my old 100-400L M1 with 1.4 T/C and today’s images were pretty soft but Topaz Denoise/Sharpen makes them presentable for low resolution images like here.

Daurian Redstart

City workers were hacking down the last area of trees next to the river and the amount of litter strewn along the riverside was shocking. A shame to see my local patch turning into this.

6 thoughts on “A Redstart

  1. That’s a cracking image of the male Redstart. I guess the rusting pipe in the background (good or bad) sets the context in a somewhat neglected urban environment! Never had a chance for such a good shot myself

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