Eagle season begins

Steller’s Sea Eagle

The first eagle photo of any winter is always nice to have even if the photos in early to mid November are rarely any good. There were about 40 or so eagles of both species upstream at Yakumo but all high in the sky or on inaccessible stretches of the river.

A lot of common stuff around but nothing spectacular. Not a vintage day for photos either.

Glaucous Gull

4 thoughts on “Eagle season begins

  1. I guess you are well used to the ‘proper’ wintry weather in Hokkaido – but at least it brings some spectacular birds once again. I heard the salmon are not so plentiful this year but hope sufficient for the Eagles

    1. Hi Tony, the salmon numbers seem normal but I think they are in a slow general decline: the Eagle ‘season’ is definitely shorter now than when I arrived here 20 years ago.

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