Chinese Pond Heron

A crap photo but quite a scarce bird in north Japan and the 300th species I’ve seen in Hokkaido.

A Chinese Pond Heron west of town today. It flew off and disappeared into the trees before I could get a decent shot.

Not much else around: lots of Osprey fishing off the coast, a couple of stray Great Scaup, flocks of Japanese Green Pigeon etc.

Large numbers of Black-tailed Gulls were hunting flying ants everywhere.

Black-tailed Gull

4 thoughts on “#300

    1. Thanks John. Try not to laugh but I was really excited to see CPHs in HK with you last year, must be great to have such a photogenic common bird. Wish I could get close to this one, it was there today too but miles away.

  1. Well done Stuart, a big number of birds – Well more than my UK number – and a superior ‘record’ shot to boot. Great BIF shot of the gull – odd they should be hunting such small prey whereas in the UK our ‘Seagulls’ prefer chips!

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