Meet the Mountain-Hawk family

Mountain Hawk-Eagle

I went east today to check on the Kittiwakes again but they were mostly offshore. Luckily the Mountain Hawk-Eagles put on a good show. The above one is the male.

This is the female, as she nonchalantly nabbed a young Slaty-backed Gull out of the sky………

Mountain Hawk-Eagle

Could have been a great pic if I’d reacted a bit quicker, by the time I’d processed what was going on and got the camera up the chance had passed.

This is a juvenile bird, I guess a son/daughter of the above pair?

Mountain Hawk-Eagle

I was using the 1.4 teleconverter. Again , some of the better shots were a little mushy and most of the others were out of focus. It seems to work Ok at Yakumo where the eagles fly more at eye level often in very nice light but the shots of these birds in the sky leave me a bit underwhelmed. Maybe I should take the teleconverter off next time……

4 thoughts on “Meet the Mountain-Hawk family

  1. Stunning pics of Mountain Hawk-Eagles in this and earlier posts – especially the one of the female eagle taking a Slaty-backed Gull! We were in Hokkaido a few months ago – saw quite a bit of stuff but were too early for White-tailed and Steller’s Sea Eagles – pity! Your bif pics are amazing – hope to see more soon.

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