Another one from the roadside

Bull-headed Shrike

Another very common roadside bird of summer is Bull-headed Shrike.

The one above is a male.

The only other 2 Shrike species likely to be seen in Hokkaido are the rare Brown Shrike (which I’ve only ever seen twice, another summer visitor) and Great Grey Shrike, a rare winter visitor. I haven’t seen the latter although many years ago I did see a Shrike swoop in front of the car one January. Bull-headed Shrikes are almost absent in winter. Wish we’d stopped the car and checked that individual……..

One thought on “Another one from the roadside

  1. Looking forward to seeing the Bull-headed Shrike on my next visit to Hokkaido in July! Only seen a Woodchat this year – overshoot onto the Isles of Scilly

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