Solitary Snipe

Solitary Snipe

A Solitary Snipe yesterday……………………

I have a confession to make. This is my wife’s photo, not mine. She called me to say she’d found a strange bird standing in a half frozen stream. By the time I got there it wasn’t in full view, I couldn’t see its tail or its bill length. I decided it was a Woodcock. Last month I was showing a visiting birder from Hong Kong the local sights and he badly wanted to see Solitary Snipe. Amazingly the day I met him I thought I’d found 2 very close to where this photo was taken, We only got fleeting views but I thought it couldn’t be anything else (Woodcock are supposed to be summer visitors for a start), However he went back the next day, got a photo and the photo showed a Woodcock.

On a facebook group I’m a member of someone pointed out my ID error when I posted my ‘Woodcock’ photo. Now the exact opposite has happened. A double Solitary Snipe/ Woodcock ID fail………

My wife uses a 6D/100-400L combo and the high ISO (5000) looks OK on these photos, even after cropping. So thanks a lot to her………….

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