2021 Late Winter Trip #3

White-tailed Eagle

The 2nd day of our trip was very sunny and although there were quite a few interesting birds I couldn’t get many good photos. We stayed around the coast between Yufutsu and Mukawa. Stuff around included White-tailed and Steller’s Sea Eagle, Japanese Crane, and various common winter ducks and gulls.

Unlike around Hakodate, there didn’t seem to be many winter passerines except for several flocks of Eurasian Siskin.

Eurasian Siskin

There were groups of Whooper Swan and a few geese flying around: both Taiga Bean and Greater White-fronted.

White-fronted Goose

Some local Eagles

White-tailed Eagle

Some White-tailed Eagles from a few miles outside town this morning………………

White-tailed Eagle

There were 4 of them on a river west of town.

White-tailed Eagle

Also around were Japanese Wagtail, Great Egret, Sparrowhawk, Whooper Swan, Brambling and Long-tailed Rosefinch. On the sea there were hundreds of Great Crested Grebe and thousands of Common Gull………….