Some flocks

White-fronted Goose

The big goose flock was still near Onuma yesterday.

I wanted to get some Cackling Goose pics (there are a few in among all the White-fronted Geese). You can see a couple resting here (the ones with the black heads and white cheeks).

White-fronted and Cackling Goose

They weren’t the only flocks around that location. Lots of swans of course but also this group of 100 or so Common Redpoll.

Common Redpoll

A foggy morning in Onuma

White-fronted Goose

On Monday morning we went back to Onuma to check the huge geese/swan flocks.

But it was foggy……………

Some of them were resting on the lake.

Bewick’s Swan
Bean Goose

Also around were lots of ducks including large numbers of Pintail, 2 Steller’s Sea Eagle, 1 White-tailed Eagle, several Great Egret and a pair of Japanese Wagtail.

More geese

White-fronted Goose

I don’t know why there are so many geese this year. I’ve seen huge numbers in the skies above town the last week or two. And the numbers in Onuma yesterday were unprecedented………..

White-fronted Goose

This is the commonest goose in Japan. I see quite a few very year but 2020 is a bumper year for them.

White-fronted Goose