A late summer trip out east

Pacific Swift

We had a quick trip to east Hokkaido. Not the best time of year for birding there it must be said but we still saw a few interesting species.

Pacific Swift were abundant everywhere, the above photo was taken at Kiritappu. At Rausu the weather was awful but we did manage White-tailed Eagle and offshore Rhinoceros Auklet and Sooty Shearwater. Across the mountains in Utoro the weather was much better and here we could see Hazel Grouse, more White-tailed Eagles, Peregrine, Goshawk and the usual common resident species of this part of the world.

Notsuke was quiet: lone Terek Sandpiper, Marsh Sandpiper and Grey-tailed Tattler and more White-tailed Eagles. The latter were also at Lake Furen as well as White-throated Needletail and Japanese Crane.

Nosappu had Rhinoceros Auklet offshore as well as Harlequin Duck, Sooty Shearwater, Black Scoter and a Great Knot heading south. Kiritappu had more of the same…………..

East Hokkaido 2019 #3

Common Reed Bunting

Some other commn birds from Kiritappu. Common Reed Buntings were singing all over the place and up above Pacific Swifts were hawking……….

Pacific Swift

Offshore were Specatcled Guiilemot and Rhinoceros Auklet, several White-tailed Eagles were in the area and the usual common Hokkaido summer birds like Siberian Stonechat were present.

Siberian Stonechat

Latham’s Snipe were displaying above our campsite and at night you could hear the strange calls of Laech’s Petrels coming ashore……………