A quiet grey mild Monday in December

White-tailed Eagle

Not many eagles at Yakumo now sadly…

And not much else around to be honest. Some interesting ducks on the sea were too far off for photos. I also missed a couple of great photo opps (a bathing Peregrine, a feeding roadside Steller’s). Just one of those days.

Great Egret
Great Crested Grebe

A sunny walk in October

Great Egret

I took a walk down the river this morning. A very mild sunny autumnal day with a few birds around. 7 (!) Great Egret were the most interesting and there was also this lone injured Whooper Swan. It’s probably been there all summer: I saw it in the spring.

Whooper Swan

Other stuff around included 4 species of duck including Pintail, a few buntings in the bushes, a briefly glimpsed Pale Thrush.

Quiet end to autumn

Great Egret

A quiet start to November. I did see my first Steller’s and White-tailed Eagles of the winter last week but too far off for any photos.

A lot of seasonal stuff appearing locally: Hawfinch, Long-tailed Rosefinch, Varied Tit, Winter Wren, Brown Dipper, lots of common ducks, Great Egret……………..

This White-fronted Geese in Kamiiso had a dislocated or broken leg by the looks of it.

White-fronted Goose

The Great Cormorants will shortly be heading south……………..

Great Cormorant

Not only Steller’s

White-tailed Eagle

A White-tailed Eagle at Yakumo today. I tend to concentrate on photographing the Steller’s Sea Eagles most winters but this year the White-taileds seem to be slightly outnumbered.

Other stuff at Yakumo included Mountain Hawk-Eagle, Whooper Swan, Japanese Wagtail, Crested Kingfisher and the usual common ducks and grebes. There were also 4 Great Egret near the river mouth.

Great Egret