Still birdy

Varied Tit

In the tiny park near my place there were 4 species of tit, Great Spotted Woodpecker, a small flock of Brambling, 1 Hawfinch, a male Daurian Redstart, 1 Long-tailed Rosefinch, several Dusky Thrush, 2 Eurasian Nuthatch and 4 Crossboll. On the river were Great Egret, Grey Heron and above was a Eurasian Sparrowhawk. Not a bad haul…

Not great photos. Shoulder issues etc etc…

Eurasian Nuthatch
Common Crossbill

Winter not far away……….

Eurasian Nuthatch

Flocks of Whooper Swan were at Yakumo and Onuma and the first Eagles of the season (7 or 8 White-tailed Eagles) were at the former site.

Otherwise rather quiet: Mountain Hawk Eagle and 8 species of gull were at Yakumo and there was a large flock of Black-necked Grebe at Onuma as well as common woodland species such as the above Nuthatch.

Winter is just around the corner…………..