Canon RF 600 f/11

Whooper Swan

Someone very kindly lent me his 600 f11 lens when he heard about my dodgy shoulder.

It was a nice sunny day today so I took it out for a spin. It might take a bit of getting used to but it seems pretty reasonable for a walk about lens…

No exciting birds around, the injured long-staying Whooper and a few common ducks and lots of Dusky Thrush.

Dusky Thrush
Common Goldeneye

A quiet week in town


A Brambling snacking on Dusky Thrush poop in town today…

There were loads of Dusky Thrush last week in Hakodate but most appear to have gone. Nothing interesting among them. And they ate all the berries so if any Waxwings do make it to my neighbourhood this winter there won’t be much food for them.

Dusky Thrush

Not much else around: Sparrowhawk, Goshawk and Hawfinch being the most noteworthy.

It has stopped snowing at last…

A morning walk with a 1.4X #2

Dusky Thrush

Some more photos with the R5/100-400LM1/1.4X combo.

In addition to the Crossbills there were quite a few other things around too. Best of all was an adult Steller’s Sea Eagle that briefly shot past (only the second one I’ve ever seen in Hakodate) and there were also Brambling. Siskin, Redpoll, Coal Tit, Wren, Peregrine and Common Goldeneye.

Lots of Dusky Thrush too…………

Dusky Thrush

And this is a real ‘dirtbird’ in Japan……………

Brown-eared Bulbul

Some other small birds

Rustic Bunting

In among the Crossbills (and Redpolls) were other winter passerines……….


Also around were Hawfinch, Brambling as well as various tits and woodpeckers, Eurasian Jay and Dusky Thrush.

Dusky Thrush

Several White-tailed and at least 3 (!) Steller’s Sea Eagles were in the Esan area in addition to Eastern Buzzard, Peregrine and 2 Mountain Hawk-Eagles too.

Mountain Hawk-Eagle