Midsummer Road Trip 2023 #1

Latham’s Snipe

We took a short 4-day trip around the Sapporo area earlier this week…

I got a half-lifer on the way up as we drove north at night. A Siberian Thrush singing. Unfortunately it was still pitch black so I couldn’t find it…so that will have to wait to make it onto my J-list.

We arrived in the Mukawa area in the early morning and the usual species were present.

Black-browed Reed Warbler

Most interesting birds were a pair of Japanese Crane (presumably with chick) but they were impossible to photograph well due to them being in the long grass as well as the harsh summer light.

Stejneger’s Stonechat

A failed Spoonbill chase

Black-browed Reed Warbler

2 Eurasian Spoonbills were seen at Yakumo so we went for a look. I saw one standing in the middle of the river, went back to the car to get my camera (with 2X T/C attached) but the bird flew off. I snapped the above warbler and then got the portable 600 f/11 and walked around trying to relocate the spoonbill but no joy.

Quite a lot of birds around though…

A lens I struggle with for BIFs.

Great Egret

Other stuff around included Pacific Swift, Mandarin Duck, Garganey, White-fronted Goose, lots of singing Sakhalin Leaf Warblers, Common Cuckoo etc…

But no spoonbill pics.

More car park birds

Stejneger’s Stonechat

In addition to the Rubythroats there were many birds……………..

Middendorf’s, Lanceolated and Sakhalin Grasshopper Warblers, Eastern Marsh Harrier, Northern Hobby, White-tailed Eagle, Sand Martin, Northern Hobby, Latham’s Snipe, Wryneck, Long-tailed Rosefinch…………………and these 2 common species.

Black-browed Reed Warbler