The quietest of quietest months


July is always a quiet month in south Hokkaido and for various reasons July 2021 has been even quieter than usual.

It’s been really really hot too. Last Sunday it was foggy in the morning which provided temporary relief. Not great for photos but juvenile Ospreys were practicing fishing and the first of the ‘autumn’ waders were passing through.

Sanderling, Red-necked Stint

Fizzled Out

Bull-headed Shrike

Yesterday was a grey misty Sunday. The spring migration season has just about fizzled out: a bit of a quiet one this year.

Some muted birds on a somewhat muted day.

Latham’s Snipe

Other stuff around included Cattle Egret, Green Sandpiper, lots of Grey-tailed Tattlers, a small flock of Falcated Duck, Eastern Marsh Harrier and newly arrived Black-browed Reed Warblers.

Where have they all gone?

Steller’s Sea Eagle

Not many Eagles at all at Yakumo today. Barely 20 or so. In recent years the eagle season has been shortening (possibly due to decline in the salmon runs) but we’re not even in the middle of January yet.

This one was a nice flyby but there really weren’t many of them around at all.

Steller’s Sea Eagle

Still bitterly cold and loads and loads of snow. Not much else around: Smew and Japanese Waxwing were the most interesting.

Steller’s Sea Eagle

Maybe they were hunkered down somewhere waiting for milder weather…………