Red-throated Diver

Some shots with the 2X teleconverter from yesterday. I was trying to photograph distant Red-necked Grebes (in summer plumage), Stejneger’s Scoters and (another?) White-billed Diver.

Most of the shots were crap but the above diver wasn’t too bad and was actually handheld.

These shots were on the monopod…………..

Black Scoter

One thing I’ve noticed about the R5 is a lot of the monopod/teleconverter shots are soft. I usually use the monopod when I attach a T/C and handhold without. Is it the image stablization ‘fighting’ with the monopod? I know my lens (the 500 f4M2) can sense it’s on a tripod but can it sense it’s on a monopod?

The other black one

Stejneger’s Scoter

Black Scoter are common visitors to the various ports near Yakumo and they were abundant at the weekend, their eerie calls everywhere.

Stejneger’s Scoter were also very common but were always tantalizingly out of camera range. For some reason they never seem to visit the ports.

As I trudged back to the car I noticed one in among the Scaup.

Stejneger’s Scoter

A second year male I think, maybe injured or sick?

Stejneger’s Scoter