On the clifftop


One of the resident Peregrines out east today.

A quiet Monday: Eurasian Kestrel, Buff-bellied Pipit, Rustic Bunting were among the more interesting species but nothing especially noteworthy. No Waxwings or winter finches yet.

A few raptors were around.

Mountain Hawk-Eagle

I can’t get sharp BIFs pointing upwards at 700mm.

Several White-tailed Eagles were in the skies but I couldn’t find the local Steller’s anywhere.

Why do male Harlequins never come close like this female?

Harlequin Duck

A very very dark Monday

Brent Goose

It was really dark today with gloomy skies and heavy rain…no snow yet this winter.

I took advantage of Black Friday to get half price DXO PureRaw and I could use it on these 2 high ISO pics (3200) from this afternoon.

I’ve been using Topaz DeNoise for the last year or so. DXO seems slightly better but only just.

Eurasain Coot

It is supposed to work well with Lightroom but from my initial tinkerings it doesn’t really, maybe I’m missing something obvious. I had assumed I could just right-click an image in Lightroom and open it in PureRaw, process it and the new file (with all tags, keywords etc) would be in the same stack as the original. But nope.

I’ll grapple with it later.