Some more Sanderlings


I think Sanderling was the first shorebird I positively identified. I must have been about 11 or 12 (?) and I remember seeing this small white wader running around on Blackpool Beach on a cold wintry day. Afterward I went to my Great-aunt’s house nearby and she had a copy of ‘The Hamlyn Guide to the Birds of Britain and Europe’ and I found the Sanderling in there looked just like the one I’d seen earlier.

And here we are 40 years later.


A quiet Sunday on the beach


It’s been a bit of a lazy last few weeks. The weather has been either unbearably hot or very stormy. Not many birds around either.

There were some Sanderlings near Yakumo yesterday. A common enough bird at this time of year but one of my personal favourites. It was an overcast windy, humid day and not great for photos.


Another quiet week

Black-crowned Night Heron

Another quiet week just gone by.

At Yakumo today there were a couple of interesting waders: a Teminck’s Stint and a Green Sandpiper. I don’t have any decent shots of either and they were both so jumpy I couldn’t get any today either.

On the beach there were a few Sanderlings and the ubiquitous Red-necked Stints.

Red-necked Stint

An unexpected day-off


Coronavirus has decimated my work schedule. This is not a good thing but I have some time off and fuel for the car is very cheap at least.

We were up in Oshamanbe. Not much around: the Dunlin flock hasn’t headed north yet and there was an injured Black Scoter in the same port.

Black Scoter

At Yakumo there were still lots of ducks around including Falcated Duck. A flock of 17 Red-necked Stint were at the rivermouth and there were also Kentish Plover and the Eurasian Spoonbill was still present in the morning at least. I think I saw the same individual again later in Oshamanbe, high in the sky. When we passed Yakumo again later in the day it wasn’t there anyway.

Most interesting bird of the day was an Eastern Yellow Wagtail of the macronyx subspecies at Yakumo.