Bay area very quiet

Harlequin Duck

Today I went to an area I hadn’t been in ages. It seems to be pretty quiet these days sadly. There used to be a photogenic flock of Brent Geese there but they have dwindled; I only saw 4 (and they flew off as soon as I arrived). The sea was extremely quiet, almost birdless.

At least there was this pair of Harlequin Ducks (again, there used to be a flock of 20 or so).

Harlequin Duck
Harlequin Duck

I really think they’ve gone

Dusky Thrush

I ranged far and wide today but there really weren’t many birds around. Has the amazing local birding winter of 2023/4 started fizzling out?

I did see a flock of Brambling and the grey-headed Woodpecker was still present (no photos of either) but no crossbills. The only passerine I photographed was the above Dusky Thrush. Near a crematorium. It was pretty lifeless today fittingly.