Spring Egrets

Little Egret

We saw 3 species of Egret today. Great Egrets are pretty common in Hokkaido but the above Little Egret, whilst not rare, is much less numerous. I also found an Intermediate Egret but no Cattle Egret to make the full set. The latter 3 species are all ‘overshoot’ visitors and are usually seen in spring and early summer.

Little Egret

Other stuff today included lots of Grey-tailed Tattler and Ruddy Turnstone on the coast, a lone Red-necked Pharalope, the first Black-browed Reed Warbler of the summer, Wryneck, Eastern Marsh Harrier, Osprey, White’s Thrush and Falcated Duck.

An unexpected day-off


Coronavirus has decimated my work schedule. This is not a good thing but I have some time off and fuel for the car is very cheap at least.

We were up in Oshamanbe. Not much around: the Dunlin flock hasn’t headed north yet and there was an injured Black Scoter in the same port.

Black Scoter

At Yakumo there were still lots of ducks around including Falcated Duck. A flock of 17 Red-necked Stint were at the rivermouth and there were also Kentish Plover and the Eurasian Spoonbill was still present in the morning at least. I think I saw the same individual again later in Oshamanbe, high in the sky. When we passed Yakumo again later in the day it wasn’t there anyway.

Most interesting bird of the day was an Eastern Yellow Wagtail of the macronyx subspecies at Yakumo.

A new Crossbill location

Common Crossbill

The Crossbills seemed to have thinned out in Hakodate and Oshamanbe but we found a flock yesterday next to another port.

There were some Siskins in amongst them too.

Eurasian Siskin

Other stuff around included Redpoll, Osprey, my first Eastern Marsh Harriers and Oriental Turtle Doves of the year plus the usual common ducks and gulls. No Eagles anywhere…………

A week later

Common Crossbill

You may have noticed I’ve posted loads of Crossbill shots lately. Most of them were from Oshamanbe 2 weeks ago but 1 week ago we went and the same group was in the same place……….

Common Crossbill
Common Crossbill

They are everywhere this year, I have tons of shots from Hakodate to sort through too.