A sunny walk in October

Great Egret

I took a walk down the river this morning. A very mild sunny autumnal day with a few birds around. 7 (!) Great Egret were the most interesting and there was also this lone injured Whooper Swan. It’s probably been there all summer: I saw it in the spring.

Whooper Swan

Other stuff around included 4 species of duck including Pintail, a few buntings in the bushes, a briefly glimpsed Pale Thrush.

A morning walk with a 1.4X #2

Dusky Thrush

Some more photos with the R5/100-400LM1/1.4X combo.

In addition to the Crossbills there were quite a few other things around too. Best of all was an adult Steller’s Sea Eagle that briefly shot past (only the second one I’ve ever seen in Hakodate) and there were also Brambling. Siskin, Redpoll, Coal Tit, Wren, Peregrine and Common Goldeneye.

Lots of Dusky Thrush too…………

Dusky Thrush

And this is a real ‘dirtbird’ in Japan……………

Brown-eared Bulbul

A morning walk with a 1.4X #1

Common Crossbill

I took a walk down the local river this morning with my new R5 and my very old 100-400L Mk1 coupled with a 1.4X teleconverter.

There were lots of birds about and I was surprised how reasonable the IQ was as i wasn’t expecting much. There were a lot of Crossbills around………..

Common Crossbill
Common Crossbill

If I pixel-peeped they were a little soft but, like I said, I was quite happy with these shots.

Common Crossbill

A dark Monday in town

Common Redpoll

I took a long walk today. Very dark and overcast but there were a few birds in town: a small flock of Redpoll, 50 or so Crossbills, a lone Brambling, an injured Whooper Swan, lots of Dusky Thrush, a single Great Egret and 3 Goldeneye.

Hakodate City have been chopping down more trees next to the river. Looking very grim near my apartment now. Once again they chopped down the trees but didn’t bother picking up the garbage.