The local Steller’s #2

Steller’s Sea Eagle

I noticed the Steller’s had dropped behind a sea wall and I snuck up and there it was…

It looks a bit grizzled. How old is it? I think it’s a male (it seems a bit small)…

This winter I’ve noticed its right eye is knacked.

Steller’s Sea Eagle

The left eye looks normal enough.

Steller’s Sea Eagle

What happened to its eye I wonder? Is the eagle equivalent of a cataract? Is it blind in that eye? Like I say I think this individual is probably quite old.

A quiet end to January

Eastern Buzzard

Not a Rough-legged sadly…

Heavy snow and very low temperatures have restricted my birding the last couple of weeks. Today we headed east where the snowfall is usually much less but even there it was piled high. Not a vintage day for photos.

A bit quiet birding wise. A flock of Japanese Waxwing flew over (with one pixel-peeped Bohemian) and the local Steller’s was around.

Steller’s Sea Eagle

Amongst the Carrion and Large-billed Crows in the port I was surprised to see this first winter Rook. This is a winter visitor only here and is usually found in large skittish flocks in agricultural fields. Strange to see a lone one poking around in the fish scraps.