3 Beach Buntings

Snow Bunting

It’s the season to look for small birds on cold bleak snowy windswept beaches. 3 species of Bunting occur in this habitat: Snow, Pine and Lapland Buntings.

Lapland Bunting

Sawara is a good place for them (all thse photos are from there) but they can and do occur anywhere along the coast; there are lots of possible places for them to feed and I’m sure they often get overlooked.

Pine Bunting

Hopefully there’ll be some around soon. Lots of snow this last week in Hakodate but almost no small birds………………..

Three trees gone

Ural Owl

Ural Owls were a staple winter bird on my old blog over the years. There were a total of 4 roosting holes that regularly held birds throughout the winter.

Ural Owl

These 3 pictures were all from different trees, all 3 of them easy to see from the road that winds around Lake Onuma.

Ural Owl

These were all dead trees and the problem with dead trees is that they are, well, dead. All 3 of them have since been blown down by summer typhoons. There was aanother one that is still standing but I haven’t seen an Owl there for years.

The Owls must still be there of course but deeper in the snowbound forest and away from the road and undiscovered by birders………..

All quiet in Hakodate

Japanese Waxwing

A Japanese Waxwing from Hakodate last year. In early 2018 there was a huge invasion of Waxwings (of both species) right in the middle of town. It lasted about 3 weeks. This year however it’s very quiet near my apartment: Great Egret, a few Dusky Thrush, Daurian Redstart, a handful of Goosander and a lone Long-tailed Rosefinch have been all I’ve been able to find this week………….maybe some Waxwings will show up soon.

New Year, New Start

So this is my new blog which begins on January 1st 2019. Of course I am too tired and hungover to go out and take any photos today so here Is a photo from a few weeks ago

Steller’s Sea Eagle

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