Oriental Reed Warbler

Oriental Reed Warblers used to be common on the river near my apartment, about 7 or 8 singing males or so, but they completely disappeared a couple of years ago.

3 have been singing this spring. At separate locations and not often. Is it just 1 bird moving around? Are they just migrants passing through?

A walk along the river


I was surprised to see a pair of Hawfinch taking a bath in the river near my apartment…don’t really see this species much in summer.

There were other birds bathing too:

Chestnut-cheeked Starling

And using the river’s other facilities..

Barn Swallow

Other stuff around included lone singing Japanese Bush Warblers and Oriental Reed Warblers (both probably just passing through), Bull-headed Shrike, Asian House Martin and Masked Buntings.

Plus the usual…

Oriental Greenfinch