4 thoughts on “A very tame one

  1. Great views and photos of Hawfinch – versus my UK sightings at a regular roost in the Brecks flying into the top of 50 foot height conifers!
    And remembering a Hawfinch winter invasion in 2018 I think, when hundreds of birds arrived at the Surrey North Downs

  2. Hi Stuart
    My cousins went to Onuma yesterday and they found the usual place which attract swans and other ducks ( Sepatto ?) frozen solid !

    I am alarmed to hear that and do you know anything about it ?

    1. Hi Megumi, yes it is often frozen. A small patch is usually ice-free; dunno if it’s deliberate or not. I don’t go there much these days but I heard they wanted to discourage people feeding the swans because of bird flu?

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