6400 again

Common Crossbill

To give my poor shoulder a rest I’ve been using the 600 f/11 the last 2 months (as opposed to the 500 f/4). But it was so dark in the park this morning that I borrowed my old 100-400L M1 from my wife as I knew f/11 would be unusable. I still had to use ISO 6400 though.

Amazing what noise reduction software can do these days (at least with small low-res images like these).

Common Crossbill
Common Crossbill

These were taken in a park to the east of town. Crossbills are everywhere this autumn.

2 thoughts on “6400 again

  1. Sorry about the shoulder Stuart. Would be ecstatic to have taken such shots of Crossbills any time any placeā€¦.previously your Jay is Eurasian but is there a Japanese Jay in Hokkaido?

  2. All the jays in Japan are ‘Eurasian Jay’ but there are 4 subspecies; the one in Hokkaido is different from the southern ones.

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