It’s been a hot one

Pacific Golden Plover

Wow it’s been a hot humid summer this year. I’ve hardly left the house in the last 5 or so weeks…

But today the temperature dipped below 30 for the first time in what seems like ages and it was even breezy with low clouds. The waders had returned to the beaches anyway.


Hot temps will return tomorrow or the day after according to the forecast.

Terek Sandpiper

I might even get a get a good night’s sleep in this lull.

Pacific Golden Plover

Also around were Red-necked Stint, Whimbrel and Kentish Plover as well as Eastern Marsh Harrier and lots of Great Egret.

4 thoughts on “It’s been a hot one

  1. Nice photos of Pacific Golden Plover and Sanderling in brilliant summer plumage. Because I have never seen a Terek Sandpiper before, I would need to check how much bigger it is than Common Sandpiper. Here in one month’s time, winter birds like Daurian Redstart and Masked Bunting will arrive!

    1. Hakodate’s record high was broken last week (35.4). It doesn’t sound that high but as you know all too well from HK it’s the humidity that gets you and it’s been very humid here this summer.

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