Late Winter Trip 2023 #18

Lesser Scaup

My only lifer of the trip was this male Lesser Scaup. I would never have noticed unless another birdwatcher (the only one I saw on the whole trip) told me there was one mixed in with the Greater Scaups and Pochards in one of the ports. Whoever you are, thank you!

At first it was resting but you can clearly see the different head shape and colour to the ubiquitous Greater Scaup.

Lesser Scaup and Greater Scaup
Lesser Scaup and Greater Scaup

2 thoughts on “Late Winter Trip 2023 #18

  1. Well spotted Lesser Scaup by the anon. Birder. According to my list I did manage to see one at WWT Slimbridge in 2011. And lots of good geese on your trip too. In Feb I went on birding trip to Islay – dipped on Cackling goose but did manage to see my UK first Red-breasted…

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