The local Steller’s #4

Steller’s Sea Eagle

I wonder how many years this individual has been coming to this spot every winter?

I also wonder which windswept cape in the far northeast of Russia it goes to in summer. Is it half of a pair? If so where is its significant other? So many questions…

Steller’s Sea Eagle
Steller’s Sea Eagle

4 thoughts on “The local Steller’s #4

  1. Mmmm the word ‘conundrum’ springs to mind. Guess this is the same bird we have also seen in Esan harbour? What does it feed on? Are there nearby salmon to scavenge or do the local fisherman feed?

    1. Hi Tony, yes it must be the same one you saw several years ago. I guess it scavenges and hunts, apparently successfully. Don’t think it gets ‘fed’ as such by the fishermen…it’s too wary for that.

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