Some birds on wires

Bull-headed Shrike

We were in the Mukawa area checking for geese. There were a few White-fronts around but too far off to photograph. A bit quiet birdwise to be honest. This Bull-headed Shrike is a typical sighting in this part of the world.

Bull-headed Shrike

And the Tomakomai area is the only place in northern Japan to see Magpies.

Oriental Magpie

6 thoughts on “Some birds on wires

  1. Bull-headed Shrike is also common in Tokyo, and I enjoy its imitation of other birds’ singing and flight. By the way, Azure-winged Magpie is a resident bird in this part of Japan, so it’s nice to see a photo of unique Oriental Magpie.

    1. Hi Shui, no Azure-wingeds up here although I have seen them in Tokyo. The Oriental Magpies up here are a bit of a mystery, presumably they were introduced or even arrived on ships.

  2. Managed to see both Red-backed and Woodchat Shrikes for the second time each in the Shetlands last week. No magpies up there though only Hooded Crows and Ravens. Total of 6 lifers and 4 new to my UK list and glad I went on this UK birding pilgrimage

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