Some scruffy Ducks

Harlequin Duck

A very quiet last couple of weeks but I did get out briefly yesterday. There were several duck species around: the resident Spotbills and Goosander of course but also a lone Scaup, several Red-breasted Mergansers and this pair of very scruffy Harlequin Ducks. Not a bird I often see in summer: the latter 3 duck species are presumably non-breeding lingerers.

Harlequin Duck

4 thoughts on “Some scruffy Ducks

  1. Not really birds to lift the spirits this summer! Be good to see some shots of your beautiful butterflies!!! Still we’ve all got the Tokyo Olympics to look forward to….
    How is the Achilles by the way?

  2. Not really a butterfly person Tony!

    Achilles is much better thanks……………….I got some special insoles made and they seem to have sorted it out.

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