6 thoughts on “More backlit Crossbills

  1. Looks like the R5 delivering good results! On our patch Dominic (ex publisher Birdwatch magazine) has also switched from his old DSLR camera to an R5 – but interestingly has also purchased the (relatively inexpensive) fixed 800mm/F11 lens, with good results so far.
    Still a sprinkling of migrants here in recent days at Ally Pally with Black Redstart, Wheatear, and White Wagtail – plus a Common Sand yesterday got all local birders flocking to our reservoir!

  2. Good article in this month’s Bridwatching mag about our 3 species of Crossbill – Common, Parrot and Scottish…but still controversy about whether they should be 3 distinct species, and difficult to ID ‘in the field’ And the author notes that if we end up with a independent Scotland, UK will lose its only endemic.

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