6 thoughts on “The last ones

  1. Hi Stuart, note you are using a 1.4 extender with your 100-400 zoom lens…Any reason why not choosing the 2x extender? I have a 1.4 but thinking to buy a 2x on EBay at the @£300 they are going for. Any good advice please? Thanks

  2. Yes Stuart, I have a 7DM2 body plus a while ago I upgraded to a 100-400L Mk2….

    Plus separately thinking about upgrading my general ‘bridge’ camera to a Sony RX10…

    1. Hi again Tony, the 2X is really designed for the big white primes like 300 f2.8/400 f2.8/500 f4/600 f4 etc. Not sure how good it would be with the 100-400L MK2.

      The 100-400/1.4X is a great option on an R5. The AF is much better than the 7DM2.

      I have the 2X and used it on the 7DM2 with my 500 f4 and the results were so disappointing I basically stopped using it. I tried it the other day with the same lens on my R5 and it was much more useable.

      I only have an ancient Canon SX50 as a bridge camera. The Sony is on another level entirely (with a price to match).

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