A morning walk with a 1.4X #1

Common Crossbill

I took a walk down the local river this morning with my new R5 and my very old 100-400L Mk1 coupled with a 1.4X teleconverter.

There were lots of birds about and I was surprised how reasonable the IQ was as i wasn’t expecting much. There were a lot of Crossbills around………..

Common Crossbill
Common Crossbill

If I pixel-peeped they were a little soft but, like I said, I was quite happy with these shots.

Common Crossbill

4 thoughts on “A morning walk with a 1.4X #1

  1. Good question. After another birthday, I am again reminded that in terms of £ savings ‘You can’t take it with you’. Still going the full hog of R5 body and matching lens seems to be costing @£7k so that’s a big commitment! Much excitement at Ally Pally this afternoon as an uncommon Redshank made an appearance, and thanks to our What’s App group at least 8 local birders got to spot….That makes 98 for my patch total, with the magic 100 in sight after already adding Lapwing and Med Gull this year…

    1. If you buy the adapter, your EF lenses will work fine with an R5. Hope you get the 100 this year.

      I’ve seen about 140 species in a 2-mile radius of my apartment actually, goes to show smalltown Hokkaido has more birds than suburban London I guess…………..but I haven’t seen Redshank or Lapwing.

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