Breaking in a New Camera

Common Crossbill

I picked up a new camera yesterday: The Canon R5. I took it out today and tried it out for the first time………..

Common Crossbill

The Crossbills were in the same place as a couple of weeks ago. The new camera is taking a bit to get used to……………a lot of new things to think about.

Common Crossbill

4 thoughts on “Breaking in a New Camera

    1. Hi Tony, yes it was time. My 7DM2’s main dial broke long ago and it had other issues too. Not worth fixing. The R5 is a big step up anyway………..

  1. Really interested to see how you get on with this new camera. Have you gone for the 100-500 RF telephoto to match? Or did you get a Converter to use your EF lenses…?

    1. Hi Tony, if I try and buy the 100-500 it will end in either divorce or (my) murder…………..anyway not on my radar yet at all.

      These Crossbill shots were with a bare 500 f4. I used ‘crop mode’ (I think) for the male. Haven’t tried the T/C yet.

      I did try the 100-400 MK1 (the Redpoll 2 post above) and it is just about OK in the aforementioned ‘crop mode’.

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