East Hokkaido September Trip #10

Leach’s Petrel

Leach’s Petrel were also very common in the port at Kiritappu. It was great to see them fluttering over the waves oblivious to the typhoon.

Leach’s Petrel

This species breeds on the nearby cape but only visits at night, my only previous sighting of one had been in the beams of the lighthouse. I had heard them many times. It was good to finally see them going about their normal diurnal business.

Leach’s Petrel

Other species blown inshore included Arctic and Pomarine Skuas and Red Pharalope.

4 thoughts on “East Hokkaido September Trip #10

  1. Good to see your ‘hard core’ birding delivered some special species and good photo opportunities. Pelagics and Seawatching are memorable birding experiences..

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