A long one

Common Kingfisher

This Kingfisher at Yakumo caught an odd-looking fish.

Common Kingfisher

It took it a couple of minutes to swallow it………….

Common Kingfisher

It was a dark, wet humid day. The wader passage has started at least: 1 Mongolian Plover, 1 Kentish Plover, 6 Grey-tailed Tattler, 2 Terek Sandpiper and 2 Red-necked Stint. The first Black-headed Gulls are passing through too.

6 thoughts on “A long one

  1. Hi Stuart – So could you ID this fish?! Hope the Kingfisher started to devour from the tail end…Good luck with the migrant birds this Autumn

    1. Hi Tony, I have no idea about the fish species. Long-nosed Greater Minnow? Unicorn Stickleback? The migrant waders have started passing through, too hot outside to chase them up and down the beach though.

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